Crowdfunding for Justice


The average person cannot properly
afford access to justice.


We're looking at a way of increasing access to justice, while
offering new opportunities for civic engagement and social

Crowdfunding for justice

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Crowdfunding for Justice


As Supreme Court Justice Beverly McLachlin clearly states, access to justice is a "basic right". She goes further and describes the current imbalance as to who can access justice as a "national crisis".

Larry Tribe, a Harvard Professor and Senior Counselor at the Department of Justice, has said, "the truth is that as a nation, we face nothing short of a justice crisis. It is a crisis both acute and chronic, affecting not only the poor but the middle class. The situation we face is unconscionable."

How it will work.

JustAccess is a crowdfunding platform for the justice system. While maintaining the utmost degree of accountability and transparency, defendants and plaintiffs will be able to upload their case profiles to our site, thereby enabling individuals - such as yourself - to more easily engage with and financially support litigation of your choosing.

We all want to create a more just society, one where everyone regardless of income has equal access to the courts -- JustAccess helps make this a reality.

The team.

Our passionate and talented team has over 25 years combined experience in the fields of: democratic governance, law, public policy, project management, financial modeling, marketing, software development and design. We also have an advisory board of legal experts, social innovators, business leaders and marketing experts to help guide us through our journey

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